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About Us

Our Company

Absolics is a leading provider of advanced packaging technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for businesses of high-performance computing. We offer smart,
innovative services to dozens of clients globally.

Why not join our fast-growing client base?​

Advanced Packaging

The advanced packaging market was up from $3.5B during 2020​

Expected rapid growth at $9.7B in 2025​

Glass substrate is a key material for advanced packaging technology innovation, with a growth forecast (25% CAGR) from $1.0B in 2020 to $3.0B in 2025.​

Industry Constraints

The industry is facing limitations in the front-end process of semiconductor chip manufacturing​

Facing rapid growth in demand for fine pattern, large area, and low power substrates

Our Solution

Significant improvement in signaling characteristics and power consumption compared to existing solutions is possible through large glass substrates with built-in active and passive elements.


Absolics is one of the affiliates of SKC, and we are categorized in the semiconductor business division in the SK group.​

SK Group has a global presence through SK Hynix for semiconductor chips,
SK Siltron for semiconductor wafers, SK materials for gas, and materials used in the semiconductor process.​

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